17 August 2013

Whole 30- Day 7

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17 days now without sugary sweets and treats including wine…

7 days of offical Whole 30 meals… No dairy, grains, sugar, booze, legumes or paleo cheater foods.

I am feeling pretty good. Maybe a little extra sleepy… Went to bed at 11:30pm which is actually pretty late for me and woke up at 6am for a short period, then crashed again until 10:30am. I havent slept in that late all summer. 7:30am is my natural wake up time for most of the summer and no later than 10pm usually to go to bed. So last night was a little odd.

I signed up for the Whole 30 daily motivational emails. One of the Day One activities is to set some goals.

The TEMPERANCE category is striking me… So I want to make a fully unplugged day… I am on my ipad/facebook/games with the TV playing in the background… Way too much. So I am going to make Sunday an unplugged day. With one caveat, I know that will also be my cooking day and most of my recipies are online or on apps… That I can use the ipad for THAT PURPOSE ONLY!

The NUTRITION category is of course what the whole plan is focused on… But I also need to change the HOW of my eating. So my goal in this area is that I will clear off the dining room table of junk and keep it cleared off for meals. This might be tricky, since a lot of the junk is Shawn’s so I will have to make a special spot for him to put his junk. So eating on a nice table, with the TV OFF, for at least 4 dinners a week.

Last category that I am going to set a goal in is EXERCISE. My goal is to get back in my habit of setting my workout plans for the week and holding too them! I used to do that all the time and it helped a lot, better than not having a plan at all. And since I have a 40+ mile ride event coming up in a month… I need to get on my plan for that!

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stevengaub Says:

18 August 2013 at 7:23 am.

I am impressed Keep up the good work,